“Romantic love”

“ Romantic love ”

Love is a feeling. It’s a feeling that cannot be explained so simply and easily.

People may say that they love food, love traveling, love toys or love dancing….. our strongest positive feelings about objects and activities contain many of the same elements found in all forms of love. Love of country or community adds elements of loyalty, pride of membership or common cause. Love for animals, co-workers, children, friends and non-spousal family members add elements of personal relationship and reciprocity of feeling. I am choosing to focus my attention on what is usually called romantic love

Romantic love …. Here we shall call it just “love” drives exclusive relationships. Just because love is a feeling which is exclusively personal ….there is no guarantee of reciprocity. Love drives most of us into exclusive relationships, but this does not necessarily mean that it is always expressed in exclusive relationships. One can be in different stages of romantic love with more than one person but then comes the question of social acceptance, mutual trust and possessiveness. Some people seem to be able to have more than one “significant other”, although qualitative and quantitative equality of feeling is not possible which shall lead to dissatisfaction and the other part .

Love is not desire, because in Desire there is lack of fulfillment. love is an expression of feeling that can include the experience of fulfillment. In love, the thoughts, feelings, actions and opinions of the beloved  matters. There is a focus of interest, attention and caring on another person and their words and actions impact our emotions. Loving is process which involves profound emotional interactions with the beloved. Once my hubby said to me… “I was just thinking of how much do you matter to me… and the fact is that, without you nothing matters….” This sentence speaks volumes about “Love”.

Paru Krishnakant “Piyuni”


About Piyuni no pamrat ( પિયુનીનો પમરાટ )

"પિયુનીનો પમરાટ " પારૂ કૃષ્ણકાંત "પિયુની"નો ગુજરાતી બ્લોગ . ગુજરાતી કવિતા , પ્રેમકાવ્યો, બોધકાવ્યો, પ્રકૃતીકાવ્યો, પ્રેરણાત્મક વાર્તા ..કથાઓ , મીઠા સંભારણા, "અનુભાવવાણી", પ્રેમ, All about Love , Food for thought , અને બીજું ઘણું બધું...... પ્રેમનું ઝરણું બની વહેવું મુજને , સ્વજનોના હ્રદય મહીં રહેવું મુજને , મોગરો બનીને મહેકવાને ચાહું. પધારો આપનું હ્રદયથી સ્વાગત છે. પારૂ કૃષ્ણકાંત 'પિયુની'
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