A tête-à-tête with Almighty God who keeps You Going!!

“A tête-à-tête with Almighty”

Enough, enough, enough,

I had enough of everything!

I want to quit,

I decide to quit!

Quit on my job,

Quit on my relationship,

Quit on my spirituality!
Quit on my life too!

A voice said.

“That’s not good, your mind needs Food!”

“Food?  You’re making my fool, and that’s not good.”

“Go to woods, with a reason good!”

The Voice said again.

With mood not so good,

an intention to brood, I went  to the woods.

Just to tête-à-tête with Almighty Good.

“God”, I said. “Give me a reason good, why not to quit?”

“Dear child, Look around!”,

“Look at the fern and

Look at the bamboo.”
“Yeah , what’s so good about it?”  I was rude…!

“ I planted the fern and the bamboo seeds,

and took good care which both them needs.

I gave them light, and I gave them water.

I gave them air to breath, and kept away the weeds!

The fern quickly grew from the earth.

And its brilliant green covered the floor!

Nothing came from the bamboo seed…..   😦

Yet I did not quit, quite on the bamboo even a bit!

In the year second,

Fern grew like a legend!

Luscious Lovely green,

Vibrant and plentiful , I mean!

And again, nothing came from the bamboo seed.

Yet, I did not quit on the bamboo seed!

“In the year three, still nothing of the bamboo tree!

But, I would not quit.

In the year four, nothing that the bamboo seed bore!

But, “I would not quit.”

Then in the year five,

A tiny sprout from the earth emerged live!

Compared to the fern, magnificent,

It was seemingly small and insignificant!

But just six months later,

surely did the bamboo rose greater!

Over hundred feet taller and stronger!

After spending five years, just growing the roots!

The roots, which gave it strength and support!

Then, God said to me.

“You must know this, my child innocent,

Just do not lose your patience,

All that time, that you have been struggling,

Actually, I have been gardening!!!!

So that your roots grow stronger. ”

Just know this, my child,

Never will I grant a bundle , which could not be handled !”

“Nor did I quit on the bamboo, Neither will I, quit on you!

Never compare yourself to others,

everyone comes with a different purpose!

The bamboo has a different purpose than the fern,

Yet, both of them are worthy and earns!”

“Your time shall come, you shall rise high!”

Rise high?  How high?”  Sighed I.

“As high as you can!” Almighty smiled!

“Give me glory by rising as high as you can.”

Thus, I left the woods, bringing back this story.

To give my creator Lord his Glory!

I hope these words help you,

Just to know, Almighty God will never give up on you!

Never regret a day in your life.

Good days give you happiness;
Bad days give you experiences;
Both are essential to life.

Happiness keeps you Sweet!
Trials keep you Strong!!

Sorrows keep you Human!
Failures keep you Humble!!

Success keeps You Glowing!
And, God keeps You Going!!

Paru Krishnaknt “Piyuni”

(Inspired from a story)


About Piyuni no pamrat ( પિયુનીનો પમરાટ )

"પિયુનીનો પમરાટ " પારૂ કૃષ્ણકાંત "પિયુની"નો ગુજરાતી બ્લોગ . ગુજરાતી કવિતા , પ્રેમકાવ્યો, બોધકાવ્યો, પ્રકૃતીકાવ્યો, પ્રેરણાત્મક વાર્તા ..કથાઓ , મીઠા સંભારણા, "અનુભાવવાણી", પ્રેમ, All about Love , Food for thought , અને બીજું ઘણું બધું...... પ્રેમનું ઝરણું બની વહેવું મુજને , સ્વજનોના હ્રદય મહીં રહેવું મુજને , મોગરો બનીને મહેકવાને ચાહું. પધારો આપનું હ્રદયથી સ્વાગત છે. પારૂ કૃષ્ણકાંત 'પિયુની'
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6 Responses to A tête-à-tête with Almighty God who keeps You Going!!

  1. hiral કહે છે:

    nice poem. here one can find that story “http://parexcellenceblogspot.com/2009/04/onlygodkeepsyougoing.html”.

    enjoyed reading such a beautiful poem.


  2. narendra કહે છે:

    A lot has been told in a very simple way ,without going deep in Philosophy of life . Really good . Keep it up . Proud of you on achieving such a glorious position that too at first attempt .
    Papa /mammi

    Liked by 1 person

  3. narendra કહે છે:

    Really good,. A lot has been told in a very simple way without going deep in a philosophy of life .Proud of you on achieving such a glorious position in blogs ranking and that too at first attempt .
    Papa / Mummy


  4. aataawaani કહે છે:

    પ્રિય પારૂબેન
    તમારા મેમની મહેમાન ગતિ વાળી વાત વાચી અને મને પીયુનીનીi સુગંધ આવવા લાગી


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