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On our Anniversary

Special Love On our  Anniversary Author:  Paru Krishnakant “Piyuni”   My Dear I want to say so much! My words, why can’t they express much? My deep passionate love for you, My words keep pouring out for you!    Precious … Continue reading

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My Dearest Darling Daughter

4.2.2011 My Dearest Darling Daughter, Tomorrow is your birthday and everything is ready, Flowers, Chocolates, cake and the dress very trendy! It’s hard for me to write and keep my fingers steady. away from you, we feel sad and senti, … Continue reading

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A tête-à-tête with Almighty God who keeps You Going!!

“A tête-à-tête with Almighty” Enough, enough, enough, I had enough of everything! I want to quit, I decide to quit! Quit on my job, Quit on my relationship, Quit on my spirituality! Quit on my life too! A voice said. … Continue reading

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